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550 Bailey Ave. Suite 150   |   Fort Worth, TX 76107   |   866.243.5934 - Main Office   |   817.549.7965 - Fax


John Pergande | CEO 817-704-2240 | jp@insurezone.com
Amy Johnson | Senior Vice President 817-704-2270 | ajohnson@insurezone.com
Melissa Eicher | Membership Services 817-704-2252 | meicher@insurezone.com
Dave Schmidt | Director of Automagic Solutions 817-704-2244 | dschmidt@insurezone.com


Membership Services 817-704-2287 | membership@insurezone.com
Tech Support 817-704-2288 | tech@insurezone.com
Policy Service and Premium Payment 817-704-2280 | service@insurezone.com
Commercial Lines Underwriting 817-704-2282 | underwriting@insurezone.com
Personal Lines Underwriting 817-704-2284 | underwriting@insurezone.com
Accounting 817-704-2286 | accounting@insurezone.com
Rollovers 817-704-2239 | rollovers@insurezone.com
Training 817-704-2287 | training@insurezone.com

John Pergande

John’s focus is on how to make selling an insurance policy easier. While handing out words of encouragement to producers and employees alike, John also answers the phones, gets feedback from producers, and is willing to initiate change in order to continually exceed customer expectations. His persistence and unique perspective on innovation within the insurance industry has resulted in the best wholesale service in the U.S.

Accessible to anyone, John’s not afraid to help you solve a problem. If you have a question or problem that needs resolution fast, give him a call.

Amy Johnson

Always a top performer, Amy’s strengths in streamlining operations and improving workflow that continue to optimize our high growth environment earned her this title in 2012.With responsibility over both the Underwriting and Customer Service divisions, Amy has helped her staff develop the customer-first concept that reflects our goals as a company. Her decades of improving operations have contributed greatly to her ability to establish metrics and develop a plan of action that led to an unprecedented change in processing time for many transactional duties at InsureZone. Her recommendations to our Technology Team resulted in an enhanced platform that includes features that improve service levels and increase both agent and employee satisfaction.

Melissa Eicher

She’s the first voice that new members hear, and she’s an authority on all aspects of membership at AgentSecure. Melissa’s bubbly personality is infectious, and her expertise is undaunted. Whether you need assistance or support, every call and e-mail is an opportunity to surpass expectations.

Melissa has been in your shoes, with previous experience managing a retail independent agency. She knows what potential new members are looking for in a broker. And, she’s here to ensure that AgentSecure is a good fit for every agent who applies.

Dave Schmidt

Dave Schmidt joined the InsureZone team in 2006. After a number of years working for Applied Systems, and supporting the Transformation Station product, he was one of three employees in Oelwein, Iowa to join the InsureZone team in the wake of Applied’s sale to a private equity company. Dave is based in Oelwein, Iowa, is a seventh generation family farmer, an avid Iowa State football fan, an active member of his local community, and a father of two. Dave has an incomparable talent for crafting complex processes that feel simple and intuitive to the user. Among the list of things he’s taught us are “how the Iowa caucuses really work” and the ins and outs of his self-driving tractor.